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Geneco Maju Resources Fulongma FLM5070TSLQ5 Road Sweeper


Geneco Maju Resources Fulongma FLM5070TSLQ5 Road Sweeper

Main Characteristics

- 4 Sweepers in the middle and Rear Suction Nozzle. Sweeping plates have 3 operation modes: Full Sweeping, Front-Left and Front-Right Sweeping with the function of avoiding obstacle automatically.
- Suction Nozzle: Using roll-type enhanced suction nozzle, built-in roll sweeper to eliminate waste. The roller has 3 floating supporters to adapt to different road surface cleaning requirements, which is the first advanced innovation in Mainland. It can also install the new leaves sweeping nozzle, which is protected by nation.(National patent technology)
- With a drainage leak-proof device to effectively prevent the accumulation of dirt, put an end to dirt and clogged garbage pipe back to the secondary pollution caused by straw; (national patent technology)
- Pneumatic pipe with antifreeze device, which can effectively ensure that the water spray components do not cause structural damage caused by ice; (national patent technology)
- Dustbin is made by SUS304 single layer stainless steel with high structural strength.
- The outline of Dustbin is designed with curve to let it be more artistic.
- All fasteners are galvanized, sweep disk, nozzle and other structural parts are used after pickling phosphating electrostatic spraying treatment, strong adhesion, corrosion-resistant coating, weathering strong; It has several warning system, including low water position for water box, vehicle working and reversing, auxiliary engine water temperature, engine oil pressure, hydraulic oil leakage, dustbin tipping and return position, rear door opening and closing, etc.
- For emergency status, the operations of dustbin, suction nozzle and sweeping plate can be controlled by manual pump. Workers are also able to go inside the auxiliary engine cab for inspection and repairing in special condition.
- It is operated by intelligent control system. All electrical and hydraulic equipment controlling are all-in-one, in order to simplify drivers' operation.
- With enhanced dust suppression function device, can be adapted to dusty road cleaning.

Advanced Techniques

Sheet Metal Working
Dustbin Material : SUS304

SUS304 is the 304 stainless steel, which SUS and 304 are Japanese and American ASTM standard respectively. 304 is also similar with 0Cr19Ni9 (0Cr18N19) stainless steel in Mainland China, when Japan is now call it as SUS304. It has a higher anti-corrosion ability comparing with Cr13 as having higher degree of Nickel and will be at Single-Phase Austenite Form in room temperature. It also has better toughness in any temperature, and also cold-forming and welding ability. But it has worse strength in room temperature due to greater crystal-and-crystal and stress corrosions. So it has a worse finishing by cutting. It also can't be strengthen by heat treatment as Austenite will not change form when heating. The heat treatment can only be completed by raising the anti-corrosion of steel. SUS304 Canonical Heat Treatment: Solid Melting 1010~1150°C Quick Cooling. Metal Phase: Austenite.

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