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Geneco Maju Resources Fulongma FLM5163TSLD5 Road Sweeper


Geneco Maju Resources Fulongma FLM5163TSLD5 Road Sweeper

Base Specifications

Other advantages:

- It has a pneumatic pipe cleaning anti freezing device, which can effectively ensure that the water spray parts will not be damaged structurally due to icing.
- Equipped with the drainage and leak proof device of the road sweeper, it can effectively prevent the accumulation of dirt, prevent the secondary pollution caused by the dirt falling back to the ground and blocking the garbage suction pipe.
- The auxiliary engine and the fan are connected by an automatic clutch device, which can ensure that the auxiliary engine automatically disengages from the fan during no-load startup and shutdown of the auxiliary engine.

- The garbage can adopts the overall stainless steel single-layer structure, which is not rusted as a whole.
- Adopt new contour, atmospheric more beautiful and atmospheric.

- Use the hydraulic system to control the operation of the special working devices such as the expansion and lifting of the sweeping disc and the lifting of the suction nozzle. Compared with pneumatic system control, hydraulic system control has the characteristics of safety, reliability and quick response.
- With centralized control of electricity, gas and liquid, the driver can complete various actions in the cab.
- Bus control technology is adopted for auxiliary engine. Standby start, warning fault and shutdown fault functions generators. are available for auxiliary generators.

Dust suppression system:
- It has the function of enhancing dust suppression, which can be used to clean the road with thick dust.

Hydraulic system:
- The hydraulic system takes the power from the and the auxiliary engine chassis engine and respectively, and controls the dump of the garbage can, the opening and closing of the garbage can door and the rotation of five cleaning motors through the electromagnetic hydraulic valve group. When dumping garbage, it is not necessary to start the auxiliary engine, but can directly realize the dump of the garbage can and the opening and closing of the rear door through the chassis main engine, which is convenient for operation; if the main engine fails, resulting in the absence of the garbage can When the method works, the auxiliary engine can be used to realize the action of the material box, which is convenient for maintenance.

- The brush touch adjustment mechanism adopts the screw barrel adjustment control to ensure that the contact amount between the broom and the ground is within a certain range. The mechanism is simple and reliable.

Safety device:
- It has a variety of safety alarm devices: low water level of clean water tank, operation prompt, auxiliary engine water temperature, oil pressure, reversing prompt, hydraulic oil leakage alarm, garbage bin tipping, reset and rear door opening and closing safety alarm.
- the display has engine fault alarm reminder, speed, water temperature and oil pressure have analog instrument display, engine fault code display and self diagnosis function for controller I/O interface.

Cleaning device:
- The operation mode of combination of sweeping and suction, wet dust removal, electro-hydraulic gas control, hydraulic tipping and unloading is adopted with the central four plate sweeping and rear built-in roll sweeping nozzle; the sweeping plate has at most three operation modes: full sweeping, left sweeping (optional), right sweeping (optional), so as to realize road cleaning and dust collection.
- High, medium and low gear can be selected according to different cleaning conditions to ensure good cleaning effect under various pollution conditions

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